Tales of how the family grows, the stag, and the pointy hat

I will defiantly say that the differences a year can make.  For example, experiment number 1 about the Point being close to my encampment, failure do to the fact many feel that they were coming into an encampment in talking with heralds.  So what was the change, stick me inside merchant row.  Oh location, location, location.

With Heralds Point within merchant row, I have found that brings in a lot of people to wishing to speak with heralds, having a place that a lot of traffic is going to happen to begin with is indeed a key.

Among with a lot of the conversations that I had this year’s GNEW my adopted daughter, and her husband decided on getting names registered, after working out their given names it came time as what surname they wish to register.  “Well yours of course” ok shocked, surprised, and misty eyed. (Meanwhile my brain is going “I can document that easy” No devices as of yet however it was a pleasure getting this started for them, and I give you Sorcha an Doire, and Odam an Doire

Another one that I had the pleasure of working with is the husband of a friend of mine I have had the pleasure of knowing for a very long time, like I mean we grew up together went our different paths in the mundane world and then reconnected in the SCA.  Her husband had his name pass however while his device is going through on part of his device failed in a manner of design. Result ended up being instead of a chevron make it per fess.  I must say it’s pretty snazzy once he submits the form in.  I give you Gaius Claudius Valerianus


Per Fess, argent and vert, a stag’s head caboshed sable, and two lightning bolts in saltire Or.

Gaius Claudius Valerianus

Another mutual friend of all of above, (it amazes me how many circles many of us travel in) wished to have a scots name that proved to have a bit of a tricky situation as to which he wished to have a three part name, uncertain on how this could be done I phoned a herald and found out that in Scotland, the concept of using a “middle” name was difficult, so we decided to go with the two names he liked better and add the third as a nick name  know all around.  I give you Ducan Ian Grahm.

A wonderful lady then approached me next and I must say the first thing I noticed was her style of garb, I am always a fan favorite in the pointed hat and vale, there is something about that hits my child hood and when I would look at old pictures I was captivated on how they extinguished a ladies class.  And since then I consider her a good friend and one kick ass warrior, priestess, and wicked smile.  I knew her name was going to take some more to dig up all that I needed to for her name that I did not have access to at the event itself, so after I got back I started right in on this, this was a time consuming to find the right French combination however as soon as it was complete the giggles still have me “I love this job” I so looking forward to seeing Vivien de Valois going through the lists.


On final note for this session, if your herald, or any herald hands you back your paperwork and shows you the instructions to get it submitted, and you hang on to it and not send it in. you have only one person to blame. Get your paperwork in your herald is excited to see that going through as you are.


Till Next time

Conall an Doire

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