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Personal log 2017.096

Yesterday beginning was rewarding, the trick will be that the fact the amount of data to gather will be enormous, then there will be getting all the standard size and even redoing several to make it all standard.  Now, the question is what to do with the arms people use that are not registered.  Well as our system it is not a requirement there by anyone can use whatever it is they so desire.  Registration through the college is a tricky business I understand well.  Well, curious on the project yet?  Ahhh wait and see all things in good time.   And it will take time to flush this out.

Personally things are moving forward as time such, there are going to be good days, there will be not so good days, keep in mind that in this I will work alone.  Why? Cause I have to.  But that will not hinder the dream, they are two separate things.

Life is what we make it, it is also what is made for us.  You can argue that point from your own perspective it never changes the fact that for some the path is a bit easier, more flexible, you can rob peter to pay paul.  In others its knuckle dragging, and how to cut costs to trim the fat.

Either way will persevere

Personal log 2017.095

Starting new projects always have me wondering many things at first, how to start, what is done what needs to be done, how to be the best to approach this.  Some projects are so large the concept of what I see in my head and what turns out to be the case seems a bit different all together.

So an idea begins to take shape, and finding the time to continue to work is also an issue for I know many see the issue of not enough hours in the day to work on what they need to plus on what they wish to.  The trick is management.

I have had to place an idea on hold while I took care of things for me, this has been a double edge sword, as where on one hand I find myself needing some “me time” and on the other hand I do not want to let down anyone that might find the idea a great thing.

So I learn best ways to balance my time, seek the breaks that I need, and progress as best I can

I love the dream, and I wish to give back what the dream gave to me.

The story of the badge verses the device

Wow two in one day? Who would of thought of that.

The reason for this entry is I wish to talk about the differences between a device and a badge.  (this should not take too long of your time)

A device is the way back in the time frame people use to go “oh look that is Lord [insert flashy name] over there by the tree I see his shield with two black lions combatting each other”

A badge is a way people use to “identify that this belongs to me.” A chest, tools, armor, would have a badge say “hey this belongs to me.” Alternatively, there would be households that would be formalized under a particular badge (remember the war of the roses?) yea there we had to different houses with two different badges in a grudge match.

In the SCA you are allowed to have multiple pieces of armory registered to you (see your local herald for more information)

Like I said short and sweet, however many times I have had this asked so I figure some quick explanation was a bit in order

Provincial Honors

I have been able to take part of something that I have had the most wonderful Honor on helping to get started.  This process has been ongoing for a few years and seeing it from rough status to completion is been rewarding, frustrating at times, and wonderful over all.  But first a little back story on this project.

Several years ago, Lord Boden Henebry came up with an idea of ways to honor those that have worked hard, played hard, given it their all within their local group, however for one reason or another, (for example can only come to say Great Northeastern war, or just Harvest Moon) have fallen short to be written in for their Award of Arms.  These would be people that are what we like to see within our community and by a group “thank them “for playing and wish them to continue to play with us.

So, after the original discussion was brought forth a committee was formed to sit down and discuss the process and come up with honors to present to the local group that we may hand out to those that we wish to honor.  There was many catagories and some back and forth discussion on the words (and for the most part a lot of that meeting escapes me with the exception of the feeling of being part of something new.)

First series of ideas was brought forth to the province and the motion was carried to continue on with this, however how to go forward.

Sadly, this was the begin of a slight pause.  And where I will not hold any blame to anyone, when you have a group of volunteers there are some thoughts and many ideas that get shifted while other things need to continue onward, as long as the idea wasn’t forgotten, which is far from the case, it would be picked up and continue onward.

So came the time to brush it off and go over the concept.  Original ideas were brought up and badges were thought of.  I will have to make an acknowledgement that here I have been lacking in my record keeping so a lot of the original notes were misplaced so the first draft to bring before the province was not met with a resounding acknowledgement.  Reasons for this is that the wording where rough was set before the province was not excepted and the question of having our Moon as it is the primary charge on each badge.

Let me diverge from here just a slight bit and acknowledge that my armory skills are not quite up to snuff as many out there, so I cannot just look at a concept see the rule book in my mind, find either the loop holes or the acceptance in manner of seconds very difficult to me, as well as with something just sticking the moon or any charge for that matter is what I call “bad heraldry” by meaning with it to me and only me alone that it takes something away from the presentation.  And from what I have seen from some territories their primary charge is not a constant on their awarding structure.  However, with this I am not the only herald in this, as well I am by far not the better armorial as another in the community, there happens to be another and this is a team effort.  This is where I thank Master Alexandre Saint Pierre, he was able to look over the concepts and design badges to suit our purposes.  I have to say im good with personal heraldry at times however badges become a tricky situation, however that is a story for another time.

This time the badges were presented to the province and the wording was flushed and reworded and polished.  The province loved them so we got that part set.  What’s next

Working with my own personal blog, and the province website has been an educational tool and I needed to find a way that people from our community can go to our website, and recommend people for the honors.  After trying a couple of ideas, a section as able to be set up where I wrote up the badge descriptions and the honors they represent, that was step one.  Step two that was the slightly trickier part.  Taking a page from the Kingdom awards recommendation page, I opened up one similar page and questionnaire on our own site, where the results funnel to me and the seneschal and then once all the kinks ironed out, I will remove the email notification from myself and just the seneschal and any deputy that person wishes to include.

I can say I have learned a lot about how something like this can be established, the importance of team work and delegation, and never be afraid of failing the first time around for you can learn from mistakes as well succeeding.

Provided the link below of the final page


As always in service to this wonderful dream

Personal log 2017.093

They say a measure of a man is not the accomplishments that he makes, however more so the way he handles adversity.  Well I can say there are days and months and years that is no truer saying.

For the dream I love so much that I give myself to it in any way that I can, however that volunteer part can often come with some many real life struggles as well.  Rent, food, electric, cable, and any outstanding creditors also must maintain their lovely payments.  There is some that have told me directly that the economy is improving and im sure that it is, in many areas I can just fathom to think that is improving, the issue is that the cost of living based on the area you live is not meshing.

Now in some cases you can say that some people weep what we sew.  Granted, I will give you that one however let’s take out the student debt equation and concentrate on the bare bones part of this shall we?

Rents around the area for where I live for a 1 bedroom (regardless of efficiency or bigger) range from $1000 – $1700 [these are shown on search just for a 1 bedroom].  At the same time jobs such as the one I have as an engineering technician is about $1300 every two weeks.  (you may think that is not to bad totally affordable however that is before taxes), so let’s look at it after State, Fed, 401k, Social Sec, and what not get their share.  $970.  And that is below the margin set in for the apartment rent search.  This is not including, lights, food, and cable for just internet, oh and let’s not forget cell phone.

Now, why do I give all this background info?  Let’s just say for many friends that live the dream, I envy the fact that they can balance the funds to go to their favorite events Known World Heraldic and Scribal, and keep the lights on.  Now, a couple of friends say that they are able to do so barley because their partner helps financially (where they both work so the cost on bills is lesser and after which becomes easy to finance trips).  Or some have said that it boils down to location, location, location.  Ok I see the point there, however what if you like the location that you are currently living, well then you are a subject to how living is.

Mind you it might seem like I am on a rant and complaining, and in many ways you would be correct however, in this case as one that is doing all this on his own, trying to find the balance between the real life commitments and volunteer hours to the dram  I want to give can and often become a challenge in itself.

There is some many give and takes that are out there, I will continue to give all I can and then some, and I share this with you because I wish to share if I say “I need some time however I am continuing to work on it.”  There are often other forces at work and here they are.