Monthly Archives: December 2017

Personal log 2017.362

Trying to give this a little bit of a shot cuz I’m not to really sure how this is going to go this will be the last entry I will make for the year and I would say things have progressed did pretty well. Ended up working well with my therapist and gotten some nice needed responses and some wonderful support along the way and now when I’m looking for the most to actually go ahead and do is get better acquainted with my community help promote within my reach in and you know go from there. I’m really hoping next year and some more positive than it did on this previous year there are a lot of highs and equally about doing a lot of lows it’s hard to really say exactly how things going to interact especially with the chemical imbalances that I have to deal with however at the same time frame the positive attitudes I get from those that work with me as well as my own pure and other people I find it incredible shots to the arm.
A friend once told me that there’s a lot of good that can actually happen within the sca. And I feel that he is absolutely right do to the people that we meet the knowledge that we gain and how we share the knowledge to other people that might want to learn we grow within ourselves. I also see that at the same time frame that there’s a lot of real-world mechanisms that actually take place in it as well we can look past our blinders.

 Life is for me it’s like a splendor as well as it can also be a challenge and maybe so different ways. This will be another of those lessons that will continue on to the next year and hopes that more wonders could be achieved more excitement and mower realization exactly what life can be.

 Love and light to all blessings for the new year may we take our sorrows and may we take our pride with equal humidity and may we all find what we are looking for in the coming year.