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The Tale of upcoming challenges

Greetings one and all

So, the next set of challenges will be approaching for me.

How do I mean you may ask? Well I have compared (contrary to some conversations I have had in the past.) I feel that just like a good heavy lister, fencer, archer, artist you need to be familiar, maybe not an expert however, feel comfortable with each part of that chosen path.

How do I mean about this?

Ok, take this for example. A marshal in heavy list understands and can relate all the weapons forms that he will be expected to marshal. (Sword and board, two stick, pole arm, great weapon) for example. A marshal for archery understands even if at a minimal to be comfortable to inspect equipment for longbow, recurve, and cross bow respectfully. A fencing marshal understands all forms within that field of study.

Heralds: Well we come in what I am understanding four different types; Book, Court, Field, Voice (not covering tourney voice heraldry more incline to announcement crying and general loudness)

Book Heralds, spend the time to learn how to research, look up names, learn blazon, construct emblazon, fill out the forms (correctly so blue tyger never twitches) communicate with clients, track submissions, and something I need to work on even if I pic an hour each month, comment on submissions in OSCAR.

Court Heralds: If you are the lead court herald, whether Baronial Court, or Royal Court you need to speak with the Majesties, or their Excellences, and get the Docit together for court, work with the scribes that will be bringing the scrolls to court, organize all other heralds that will be assisting with court, and read the scrolls in court of those receiving the awards.

Field Heralds: A field herald comes in usually that I have seen in tournament settings. Most Notably in Crown Tourneys. Getting out there, being loud and proud, and making sure you have the combatants’ names if not perfect, as close to perfect as you can get, and don’t forget probably titles.

Voice Heralds: Majority of this that I have come across, and I am certain there are parts of this I have yet to come across and will explore this as it comes up, is most notably in crying the camp. Getting the announcements, finding help to cut the path that you will take easier and more manageable, as well being again loud and proud and project so that all those that you have to announce for understand what you have to say, and know what you have to announce.

Now here comes the challenge. How does one understand those parts in a way to be seen in those regards? Well for the most part is getting out there and doing it. For the most part this is not an issue for many.

For me.   Well I suffer from something that many do have, however for me it’s a bit daunting. Being loud and proud is never an issue. However I have stage fright. This is something I have battled even growing up and the idea of speaking in front of people a bit overwhelming.

One or more people have mentioned to me “if it is such a chore, why do it?” to me this is something that is within the next steps of how I see playing this game.

If a heavy list fighter wishes to be better, they must be seen fighting, field battles, tournaments, and wars. Same can be a kin to the fencer. An Archer wants to hit the Grand Master Bowman, or even win Kings and Queens, needs to go out and shoot. So for a herald? Go out and do it. So for me that will include, work through my fears and work at these things.

Now with Court Heraldry, where as a Baronial Court maybe easier to work with then say Royal Court, which can be an avenue to train under. See how a Court is assembled, how the Docit is put together, and assist in reading.

Field Heraldry, same situation, if there is a time to be a field herald, and also providing that I am not running into a real life vs SCA life, then go out and participate as a Field Herald, Learn to pronounce the names of those competing, even if not there physically, and thereby get comfortable on how a field heraldry works,

Book Heraldry, I would love to say it is easy, in my regard it was easier than the ones above, learning on where to go to research the names, know how a device goes together, become familiar with the SENA or at the very least know where to go to ask for that help. Once you get familiar of how it works then you start to see the number of paths that you can take, as well start to pick up the tricks. It is quite similar to above, however this is also the boring part as a lot of people may not like Book Heraldry vs the rest, for it is not as out there, it is a ton of behind the scenes work, the sheer volume of submissions that you can do, especially at Heralds Point at an event, or even at Pennsic can make all the difference.

To face these challenges is going to be a task I take on myself, and even if I travel more north and south, and look at the baronial heralds and offer my services, with that be able to assist the royal heralds when they come into my region.

I look forward to this and feel pretty confident this is a good way to go.

Yours in Service