About Conall an Doire

About me?  Well this is the story of my time as being Herald for the Province of Malagentia.  My time within the SCA started 2003, with the first time going to The Great Northeastern War.  If you have not seen it, The Great Northeastern War has developed almost a life of its own.  It started from all memories be told, a battle between Seashire vs Malagentia, and then grew too many conflicts between Stonemarche vs Malagentia, and then many other lands from there.  Many consider GNEW to be a mini Pennsic, for in a shorter scale you see a lot of the same spender as you would there, for many of the fighters, archers, fencers, it is the warm up for the big event.

For me GNEW is home, its where it all started, its where I got hooked, to see the colors of the banners, the pavilions, the garb, be in a couple of conversations, I knew right then I would never miss the chance to go to this event each year, and now I wish to do more.

A couple of years into starting up with the SCA, I went into Self embossed exile.  Now what do I mean by that?  Well it boils down like this, from 2005 to 2010, I moved a little further north, from what would become to be Ravens Bridge I moved here for an opportunity the downside to that, finding help in carpooling to events is tricky when many live 45 min south of me, and the jobs I had at the time absolutely forbid me to have a Saturday off, hardly ever.

So after 5yrs of that I had the opportunity to leave there and return to Malagentia proper.  And then start my journey to what we are today.  Hope you enjoy my ride thus far and the adventures that continue to unfold.


Yours in most wonderful Service to the dream


Conall an Doire

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