Pennsic War Journal Day 2 travel, arrival, and set up

So, the Day started off waiting for travel companions to rise from there slumbers, so while still out Jim’s I enjoy morning coffee, and morning cig, while looking out the back deck, looking over the lake, seeing the water blue mixed with the green in the leaves, and wonder what Pennsic will be like.
There are times in one’s life where anxiety can make the expectation far worse than it can be.  I have found that my anxiety is really low.  My depression is low, my anticipation is high.  This is long soughed, and the hurdles that I have had to endure to enjoy this, the tasks that had to be completed at home, that unlike others whom I do not fault, it is more of jealous.  Have help to achieve such goals, and security for when I get home.  This is my dream and now its reality just a few short hours I will be there.

Then we wait.

And wait

And wait.

When the travel companions finally awake I am familiar with the desire to get back on the road, as my overnight needs are re packed and I’m waiting for their motivation to get back on the road.

And finally, we do.  As we start off, the driver needs to make a target stop.  Ok one in route no issue, and after that is done we continue toward “turn left in buffalo and strait on through boredom”. And no kidding they were right
once we got there, it was trees, more trees, and grapevines for as many miles can see, and I can feel in my heart as the hours count down 5…. 4…. 3…… 2…. OMG, I want to get there already.  Just under an hour to go.  Then it broke down to miles.  Face book lit up with “93 miles to go”.  “Adrenaline spike.  26 miles till touch down”. And then it came, my first site of Pennsic, pics and video can only do so much, and I know many have watched it, but I’m including it below.  Caution adult language

then 2 min till touchdown

Finally, oh yes after all these years finally
“Blue Talbot to Mission Control… Finally Conall has Landed”
Trolled in was an adventure within itself, nothing at all that I would ever expect, then again I would expect that after all these years, the staff has check in a matter of routine, with volunteers to run this smooth.

Get back in the truck (gods my back and ass is tired of this thing) find the camp, thank you google maps, and start to offload truck and trailer, as my phone goes absolutely nuts, with friends saying “welcome home” ya ok ty but let me get set up its like 8 after all and the sun is going down.  “hey, come down to [insert block numbers… yes multiple]. “no ty sorry but battery is dying need to get set up and the sun is running for the hills.
Get tent up, gear stored, bed made, and fall down and collapse for first night under Pennsic stars…..
Stay tuned for tomorrow for my first day.

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