Monthly Archives: January 2018

Personal log 2018.002

So the start of the new year.  I know that this last one was a bit rough, not just for me and others, however i have to say this has been a year that i have had to fight longer to keep the motivation going forward.

I know that its the chemicals in the mind are a part of that, and i know that there are times that i will not have much control of this at times, however its the steps forward that make us whom we are.  So as the second day of the year i will say
1) respect is a double sided road to be traveled, you civil with me, and i am with you.  no one is ever more esteemed then another when work needs to be done.
2)the instructional power points will be going up before 12th night so be on the look out (going to try to get this up by weekly if not monthly depends on real life working

3) will be taking a internal journey, at one point a grand friend once told me “the next steps you take will be more spiritual then work.”  and i know ive stumbled but that time is over, i will be asking many for clarifications, and there maybe some assistance asked.

World has it splendors it is time to see how i can add more to it.  Look forward to more such things

as always service to the dream