The tail of the two birds and the mouse passant

Since we last spoke, the summer progressed, and getting my name out there, and the dedication of the work that i do started to be known and people started to talk to me.  I like this for that shows and in no offence to those that come before me, the work and the things i work for is for the benefit of those within the local group.  I adore helping the wonderful gentles whether Lords or Ladies, within seeing the first of many goals to come across them and the look on their faces as I announce the Letter of Acceptance and Return that they dreams are being fulfilled and their names are shown with the words Registered.  To me this is also a milestone to help for them along their way.

The first of a few people during this time, has done the initial work on his own.  I like this for an society that encourages research, to take the time and make the effort yourself shows that you are wishing to do allot of the legwork on your own.  However, with that being said.  These type of submissions are not the kind that you can look at and go “ok check done” for as properly stated before, part of the job as local herald not only do you answer to the client, you must make sure any submission coming from your area is documented right and keep the submission herald happy to.  This is a few classes I have taken to show how the documentation is to be laid out, and the format for that.  Anyway, with submission like this, then you go back and cross the T’s and dot the I’s and make sure that all is in order.

The name itself was not an issue for both can be found in one of the many English resources I had, the device he set up and after looking over it, I relied that one of the members within his household could cause a conflict.  Let me take a moment and make a mention of what is conflict in heraldry.  What I mean by that is that conflict is where two or more devices are so close together there is not enough difference to separate the two apart from each other.  This is usually an element needs to be changed, something added, or if both parties agree a permission to conflict.  What this is, is simply a form that states that the two in kind are ok with their devices looking alike.  Sometimes this is relatively simple sometimes this can be a chore.

For the person in question.  John Fowler, a wonderful device, and possible for a couple of points of difference to separate it from possible conflict.  however to make certain and cover all bases we included the permission to conflict with it to be certain.


John Fowler (Gules, a goose reguardant argent and a tierce ermine)

John Fowler color

Next on the deck for this time, was a household.  Now I will admit I have little to non experience in documenting households, for where they can follow the same principles there are subtle changes that when doing a regular name it’s important to capture each part, as well with a household it gets harder for each part of the name has to be also shown to in period.

There name was also easy for the documentation was also right there in the same book as with John Fowler, (any herald that has to have one book to start their library, I would always say start off with The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names by E.G. Withycombe)

Their device (or in case for households their badges)was a bit more tricky, as they wished to have a Marlette as their primary charge, the trick with that is unless some clever designing takes place they would conflict with not only just anyone that would have a single Marlette, however a bird is a bird is a bird.  So any single birds that are close in regards to that style would be an conflict from them as well.  Well to time warp a bit, their first attempt did just that where they did conflict with someone that did have a single Marlette on their device, and after many different ideas passed back and forth, for its not just the clients, has the herald I offered some ideas to them.  What we done here is take their thoughts and incase the device in a border, giving them a second point

House Fulton

Sable, a martlet and a bordure argent

Badge colored

Final entry for this time, is a wonderful person that returned to us after some time apart, and her return is a bit of a interesting story, as she was driving down the road, saw a sign for the sca and got excited and grabbed garb and showed up.  her name was real tricky but at the same time, while talking to her and looking into how some Scottish and other areas naming convention, was able to achieve a ways that she would like.  Her device I loved to death, for this gave me an practice on a type of animal charge i have yet to play with yet.  As well in the same time within the same heraldic stances that you may see a Lion, Tiger, ect. it was such a delight to place this together and a bigger delight right before our big event up here seeing her reaction to getting it all registered

Christine Violet

Argent, a mouse Passant proper,within a bordure Purple

Christine Violette

Tell next time,


Conall an Doire


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