The tale of the Bull, the Viking, and the Beauty

I love the fall up here, the leaves change the air cools off, and the submissions come in before the local area tucks them in for a long winters nap.

First one that came to me was so easy to construct (wife of our chronicler well like all families half the work was done) add to that he decided to use his real name, after some research it isn’t quite modern and with the rules of using his real name it’s a matter of connecting the dots for Brenden Crane.  His device I have to admit, was done by himself or his wife, and it’s really well done.  Bull with wings, and two colors and one metal.  Nice sweet and simple.

Brenden Crane it was a pleasure to see this go through

Brenden Crane

Vert, a winged bull courant wings elevated and addorsed argent and a base Or.


Solveig Bjornsdottir, was a classic A plus B Norse name with a Patronymics set up.  I love names like this, where I give them the lists and go “ok which do you like best….. and who do you want your father to be”  put it all together and print.  Love it when a plan all comes together.


Family adds another one.  there was one that was with me for almost all the beginning, saw my rebuild and supported all i did from the 5yrs or so of what I like to call “self impulse exile”.  She came forward to wish to get her name set up, and we toyed with the brother and sister set up for our persona.  So she looked through a series of names that worked well with an Doire surname.  then she came up with Áine.  I looked at it, the goddess of beauty in Ireland, oh that clinched it.

Her device took some time, she wished to have one similar to mine, adding with a Thistle which was to be for her.

Per pale sable and azure, in pale a thistle and a crescent argent

Aine an Doire


It is these memories and the other work that I do, that keep me loving this job and continue to keep at it with all my heart and soul


Till next time


Conall an Doire

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