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Greetings, in the past I was the Herald Pursuivant for the Province of Malagentia. Now i am the Blue Talbot Herald (northern regional herald for The East Kingdom). Member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. This logs the story of my time.

Pennsic War Journal. Peace week Sunday

This is the first time I open my eyes and gaze at the inside of my tent from Pennsic, really nothing out of the normal just crowded with more stuff.  Need to think of a mini pop up to store my gear and give me a more comfortable setting.  Shaking the cobwebs out of my eyes I know I really need coffee, and really early enough that I do not wish to disturb anyone in camp about opening my gear to get coffee started, so I set off on a walk, whereas Merry and Perley offered me coffee anytime I’m near camp.
start to walk down to their encampment, and the smells of the air fill my lungs, and the mist rising from the canvas of all the tents is a pleasure to behold.  Even at an early morning hour few are awake, but it really gives you pause to see just the splendor as the first morning light hits the camp grounds.
I make my way to their encampment, and while enroute I run into a friend of mine I have known for a little bit on Facebook.  More like she recognized me then I her cause she was sitting in her camp.  She calls my name walks up and greats me with a warm hug.  Thank you, Thora, for the wonderful welcome.   Seeing as my friends were not even out of their even coma, she offers to take me to the beast and bore, to help get me a cup and insurance.
Let me tell you this if part of a lot of things is a god send.  First of all, it is only 40 dollars (38 plus 2-dollar insurance) and unlimited coffee, tea, lemonade.  I don’t know about much; however, I can drink enough coffee to cover that cost in no time flat.  So yes please, thank you drive through.  Let the nectar of the goddess run into my veins.

after first cup hits we walk around to see some of the area, and she wished to share where Heralds Point was for me, and I gaze at my work spot for the next few days.   Pretty much as I expected in its early stages.   This I would also meet the Circus Mistress. (forgive me having brain on scadian names to early will update when it comes to)
and thereby I was going to be one of her monkies.
First impression a delightful cheerful person.  Who was overjoyed on having a cow. (I look around and don’t see a cow as I am aware of, on further eye wondering I see she means the saw horse contraption with two water filters on it… ohm that is a cow). And with her cheer I’ll enjoy working for her, funny she reminds me so much of Winter Sister it’s not even funny.  So, Thora and I talk to her a bit, go to see if I can Volunteer for a security shift.  Come to find you need a driver’s license even as a side passenger.  Oh well so much for that idea.  Then I excuse myself from Thora, so I can make a drop off, and a pick up at camp (switch out the coffee mug I won’t be using and grab my cart and chair and shower gear) and make my way back to Heralds Point to help set up.
Set up is an interesting affair, a small amount of hurry up and wait, and another moment of lift and carry.  All in all, good fun however the patio stones they use for the book cases are omg heavy as hell.  I’m too old for the lift and jerk I guess.
Mistress Brita come up the Heralds Point Hill and meets up with me on her way to help set up EK Royal, so I excuse myself from heralds point to work for King and Country.
Nothing really important here, with the exception of just how much gear is required for a royal encampment astounds me.  Not for the sheer volume, but the way how things are organized, lifted, constructed, and then set up.  Here I got to see another friend Alise de Montmaidy.  A glorious smile even if also part of the ant farm during set up, but a welcome embraced.  Had to excuse myself for by this point my garb was def heavy with sweat from today activities.  After a bit more assistance with guide ropes for the gate, and handing out portable holes for the wind wall, I had to excuse myself to have a shower.  A long overdue shower.  However, before I left I was gifted a snazzy pin as thank you for my service.
got cooled off with shower and sat at the Turkish coffee place for a cig.  And attempted to capture my Thunder Wheel with the war banner behind it,

however come to find focus was a bit odd but at least proof my wheel has arrived in Pennsic.

Long walk back to camp for hydration, relaxation, conversation, then coma
Stay tuned come after the weekend for more further entries

Pennsic War Journal Day 2 travel, arrival, and set up

So, the Day started off waiting for travel companions to rise from there slumbers, so while still out Jim’s I enjoy morning coffee, and morning cig, while looking out the back deck, looking over the lake, seeing the water blue mixed with the green in the leaves, and wonder what Pennsic will be like.
There are times in one’s life where anxiety can make the expectation far worse than it can be.  I have found that my anxiety is really low.  My depression is low, my anticipation is high.  This is long soughed, and the hurdles that I have had to endure to enjoy this, the tasks that had to be completed at home, that unlike others whom I do not fault, it is more of jealous.  Have help to achieve such goals, and security for when I get home.  This is my dream and now its reality just a few short hours I will be there.

Then we wait.

And wait

And wait.

When the travel companions finally awake I am familiar with the desire to get back on the road, as my overnight needs are re packed and I’m waiting for their motivation to get back on the road.

And finally, we do.  As we start off, the driver needs to make a target stop.  Ok one in route no issue, and after that is done we continue toward “turn left in buffalo and strait on through boredom”. And no kidding they were right
once we got there, it was trees, more trees, and grapevines for as many miles can see, and I can feel in my heart as the hours count down 5…. 4…. 3…… 2…. OMG, I want to get there already.  Just under an hour to go.  Then it broke down to miles.  Face book lit up with “93 miles to go”.  “Adrenaline spike.  26 miles till touch down”. And then it came, my first site of Pennsic, pics and video can only do so much, and I know many have watched it, but I’m including it below.  Caution adult language

then 2 min till touchdown

Finally, oh yes after all these years finally
“Blue Talbot to Mission Control… Finally Conall has Landed”
Trolled in was an adventure within itself, nothing at all that I would ever expect, then again I would expect that after all these years, the staff has check in a matter of routine, with volunteers to run this smooth.

Get back in the truck (gods my back and ass is tired of this thing) find the camp, thank you google maps, and start to offload truck and trailer, as my phone goes absolutely nuts, with friends saying “welcome home” ya ok ty but let me get set up its like 8 after all and the sun is going down.  “hey, come down to [insert block numbers… yes multiple]. “no ty sorry but battery is dying need to get set up and the sun is running for the hills.
Get tent up, gear stored, bed made, and fall down and collapse for first night under Pennsic stars…..
Stay tuned for tomorrow for my first day.

Pennsic War Log Day 1 travel

Travel has its good points and its bad points.   How can I mean by this? well for one point, you get to see sights of the country side while traveling, see parts of this vast land that you normally wouldn’t.  However, it can be cramping.  Joints ache back gets hard to straighten, and bowels object for long distances.  This is the nature of things while on a pilgrimage such as the one we find ourselves.
One point in the travel while getting fuel for the vehicle, I decide to step away and have a cigarette.  After all it has been a few miles, and several hours.  Mother Nature had other plans, as no sooner did I light up, the sky opened, and I got a refreshing shower.
The entire trip is roughly 10hrs, and can be done by many people, however my travel companions had other plans.  A friend of theirs lives about half way there and makes for a good rest stop.  And I might add, has a house with a gorgeous view.  In Rome New York looking over a lake, I got to say as part of the last taste of civilization as well as the first glimpse when we get back, I for one think this was a wonderful idea.  Jim was an excellent host and has a glorious house.
However, as the dawn draws we make our way ongoing to the promised lands, and tomorrows installment, my first feelings and sights of the holy land.

Day one Blast off

I recall the moments, after the gear is loaded, and the last night at home was done.  Making sure that Moonstone was all settled for the next couple of weeks, with help that has comes in and takes a look to make sure she is safe and sound as we are in the Holy lands.
years of planning coming to reality, a dream that is now going to be a reality, and after so long, where as many continue to see it as a yearly jot.  For one like me its a pilgrimage that im glad to be able to make.

Final load within the vehicle, all systems check, and countdown:
WE have lift off, Lift off of Blue Talbot one, and you have cleared the tower.  Let the adventure begin!!37930198_675503016121259_558644231527202816_n

Personal log 2018.002

So the start of the new year.  I know that this last one was a bit rough, not just for me and others, however i have to say this has been a year that i have had to fight longer to keep the motivation going forward.

I know that its the chemicals in the mind are a part of that, and i know that there are times that i will not have much control of this at times, however its the steps forward that make us whom we are.  So as the second day of the year i will say
1) respect is a double sided road to be traveled, you civil with me, and i am with you.  no one is ever more esteemed then another when work needs to be done.
2)the instructional power points will be going up before 12th night so be on the look out (going to try to get this up by weekly if not monthly depends on real life working

3) will be taking a internal journey, at one point a grand friend once told me “the next steps you take will be more spiritual then work.”  and i know ive stumbled but that time is over, i will be asking many for clarifications, and there maybe some assistance asked.

World has it splendors it is time to see how i can add more to it.  Look forward to more such things

as always service to the dream


Personal log 2017.362

Trying to give this a little bit of a shot cuz I’m not to really sure how this is going to go this will be the last entry I will make for the year and I would say things have progressed did pretty well. Ended up working well with my therapist and gotten some nice needed responses and some wonderful support along the way and now when I’m looking for the most to actually go ahead and do is get better acquainted with my community help promote within my reach in and you know go from there. I’m really hoping next year and some more positive than it did on this previous year there are a lot of highs and equally about doing a lot of lows it’s hard to really say exactly how things going to interact especially with the chemical imbalances that I have to deal with however at the same time frame the positive attitudes I get from those that work with me as well as my own pure and other people I find it incredible shots to the arm.
A friend once told me that there’s a lot of good that can actually happen within the sca. And I feel that he is absolutely right do to the people that we meet the knowledge that we gain and how we share the knowledge to other people that might want to learn we grow within ourselves. I also see that at the same time frame that there’s a lot of real-world mechanisms that actually take place in it as well we can look past our blinders.

 Life is for me it’s like a splendor as well as it can also be a challenge and maybe so different ways. This will be another of those lessons that will continue on to the next year and hopes that more wonders could be achieved more excitement and mower realization exactly what life can be.

 Love and light to all blessings for the new year may we take our sorrows and may we take our pride with equal humidity and may we all find what we are looking for in the coming year.

Personal log 2017.200

Getting feedback on what I have been working on is a wonderful thing, for me the timing can play with my complex mix of emotion and self doubt, and all things in between.  hearing just a Thank you, on a name or submission i research, hearing a Thank you for the quick turn around for a scribe is often rewarding.

Being the Pocket herald, go to herald, these have prize meanings for me, that means to me, that when the chips fall, and you are struggling to complete a project and one of your ‘avenues’ is to reach out to me, I find what you are looking for, turn around and deliver in a timeful manner. (and to me and me alone this means litterly 15 min or less unless real world is being to much.  to record I strive in achieving my own personal time), with that said.

I try never to forget the people that got me into a position i see myself today, i will never forget the push when needed, the helping hand when offered, and the support to help me reach my goals.  Often i have seen where people need help to achieve a goal, and when that goal is achieved, the support around them changes.  Now what do I mean by that?

The higher one gets in life (not just the dream but in all manners in life) you see those that people seek assistance from those to help them and when they get to a level, those below them change, to either a more selective group or kliq, and those that assisted often get left behind.

FOR THE RECORD. i am not singling out anyone, this has been seen in majority factors in life, hell look at your state capitol, and im sure you see it there.

So, why do I bring this up?  Well good question.  Yesterday the society has put out its anti bully, and harassment finding.  I …. am…. Mixed about this.  not in bad ways at all, all positive.  However the mix comes from, as a society that prides itself in Chivalry, honor, respect.  Actually needs a harassment, and bullying.  I mean i know when your going to have groups of like minded individuals together I am certain some opinions would be stronger then others.

However, I would think that in a society for which we play in, that the idea of harassment (i know it happens all the time) but more so bullying being a issue that needs to be addressed.

I have in the beginning felt the stairs and scowls (whether there or not.  I speak from stories and my own vibe picking) of why i should be in the dream.  and then i showed hard what i can i do.  I think i have done well thus far.  however that being what it is, i have heard stories of who you know is as important if not more so then what you can do and what you know.

who has not heard “Heaven forbid you ever get on (insert said individual name of your choice here) bad side.  You will have to work years harder for what could others be.”  Now, things will change depending on the situation.  and this happens across all spectrum in and out of the dream.  I have to ask why?  we all have seats at the table.  We can all contribute to make our community, and society a better place for all, regardless of your ‘feeling’ of an individual.  we are all not likable, and im sure shyness at times pulls up a vibe or two.   However given a chance i would think some one who researches hard, and arts, maybe a couple of other things.  Does the same or if not more, of someone who straps on armor, their fencing kit, archery kit, thrown weapons gear.  and if they dont ‘fit’ in.  well all i can say is they might have a discussion find out.

and i challenge this before you laugh at someones attempt at garb, find out if there is a financial, time, experience, find out if they need help learning? or could learn how others did theirs and their by improve their appearance.

if someones armor kit is not up to scratch but meets standard approvals.  instead of thanking him for having “worse” armor then you.  see if there is something the group can do “like armor days” and the like to teach and help.

I say everyone that we reject or chase away could be the peer of tomorrow and this makes me sad to learn someone doesn’t play because they didn’t feel like they fit in

(disclaimer, these are my own personal thoughts and feelings, and have no attachment to any local group, kingdom, or the society as a whole.  if there must be slings and arrows aim them direct at me)