Pennsic War Log Day 1 travel

Travel has its good points and its bad points.   How can I mean by this? well for one point, you get to see sights of the country side while traveling, see parts of this vast land that you normally wouldn’t.  However, it can be cramping.  Joints ache back gets hard to straighten, and bowels object for long distances.  This is the nature of things while on a pilgrimage such as the one we find ourselves.
One point in the travel while getting fuel for the vehicle, I decide to step away and have a cigarette.  After all it has been a few miles, and several hours.  Mother Nature had other plans, as no sooner did I light up, the sky opened, and I got a refreshing shower.
The entire trip is roughly 10hrs, and can be done by many people, however my travel companions had other plans.  A friend of theirs lives about half way there and makes for a good rest stop.  And I might add, has a house with a gorgeous view.  In Rome New York looking over a lake, I got to say as part of the last taste of civilization as well as the first glimpse when we get back, I for one think this was a wonderful idea.  Jim was an excellent host and has a glorious house.
However, as the dawn draws we make our way ongoing to the promised lands, and tomorrows installment, my first feelings and sights of the holy land.

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