Pennsic thoughts and the tale of the Coopers

After the summer ran through its course, and the Pennsic returns came in with the stories from that war from far away.  I know within my heart that I so look forward to working at Heralds Point at Pennsic.  To me that would be the goal as equal to a heavy fighter being in the thick of it on the field, or fencer or archer at their respected parts, for a Herald, to be at the peak of what we do, at the largest event in the known world “or one of the largest for that matter” is for me the peak of being a Herald.  One day when the stars align, job doesn’t interfere, or any real life hurdles to work through.  It is my goal and constant work to make it there.

With that being said, I found my first Summer as Herald to be still finding my feet.  I had some conversations at Orchard Wars, and couple of others as I start to branch out using social media like Facebook, to reach out to those within my Providence that I would normally hardly see to give them the attention they need to work out their names and devices.

There was this couple that I do wish they return to the society,  charming couple with a young one starting out, I have found that working with their devices to not so much being a challenge however a pleasure to work with.  It shows how ones real life passions “with for example one being a teacher in the real world” and incorporate their mundane feelings into sca heraldry.  With their names, Caddius was the more challenge do with the fact that incorporating a name that he had found in a fantasy book and using it for playing various roll playing games and transferring it to something that could be period, and Ælffled I just love that time and feeling when I see names like this, I instantly think Camelot

For them I give you

Ælffled Cooper

“Azure, an ivy vine bendwise sinister between an open book and a bell Or”

Ælffled Cooper2color



Caddius Cooper

“Argent, a chevron Or, between two bears combattant and a barrel palewise azure”

Caddius Cooper color option 4



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