The Tale of Downtime

Greetings to all. I know it has been a while since I have posted anything I have been working on, however I wish to talk on the motivational aspect of what we do as heralds. For once in a while we run into the melancholy that is “ehhh I’ll get to it later.”
For where this is all on a volunteer basis, and what we do as heralds is mostly on our own time. We each need a break once in a while, so that we can recharge and renew ourselves and get right back in that makes us who we are.
For me that bleh creeps up more during the winter where things are slower and calmer however at the same time the winter months is when I am most active in heraldry. Updating the OP, and working on names and arms for some clients that come up.
Recently there was a period of time where I witnessed a few clients that were impatient when trying to research a complex name, or work out a tricky device, or I have had a client that was a bit difficult when dealing with an arms set up that this person was using for a period of time, however trying to make it registered a difficult process and when they would offer ideas the more difficult it was becoming and yet every suggestion you offer back was flat out rejected. Add to that, then you factor in the weight of the real world on the outside. The work, bills, responsibilities that everyone faces when not concentrating on what they love to do, or wish they could.
Motivation I have often found comes and goes like the tide. Sometimes I have the energy to “Blazon all the things!!” and there are often times where I am like, ehhh thanks im good. So, the big question is what makes me get up and continue on?
Duty, for the largest part. Being a Herald is often time a thankless job for some, and often times the behind the scenes can seem not as daunting as say exchequer or even seneschal, or not as glamorous as say knight marshal. However, it is an important step for many a newcomer or veteran players that finally getting around to registering their arms.
For me you would be surprised that the simplest thank you, when handing someone their paperwork and instruct them on how to send in their forms, or the yippee or hoorah when someone that you have been tracking for a bit submission gets registered is like a shot of adrenaline, for when they get that notification, either by me, or kingdom that their submission has finished the long process is a great motivator.
Alternately when you are working on something such as either the OP, or if you keep a record of everyone in the local groups arms and registered names for example it’s the comments I see when I post an update on my local group social media that makes it as rewarding to see it appreciated as much as it was for me to put it together.
Regardless of the reasons that you find that gets you out of your down time, and keep your clients rolling, good for you. Also remember we all need a break, we are only human, take some time off, communicate with your clients and let them know what is up so they don’t end up thinking you have left them high and dry, and come back to it when you’re ready.

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