The tale of the Frog, the Owl, and the bacon

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything, however the fall actually brought some delightful changes and as I am working on developing into a new roll.  More on that at a later installment, this time I wish to speak about some of my last entries before the change.

Lasair is a good friend from thunder clan, she pops up one day requesting to get her name submitted and device as well, I considered this an honor where as 90% of that clan is all Norse, so to work on something one had wanted and it’s not Norse but Celtic?? Ohhh heaven.

First this is also where I want to say, if you have the chance to pick up Irish Names by Donnchadh O Corrian.  Do so, there is so much information that is in there that the Academy or many online search forms may not have, then I highly recommended.  With that said guess where her name was found.  Yep.  Right here.

After hours of searching online, including a failure using family search online, had to ask where she found it.  “Well Cailte loaned me his Celtic book”… “Wait nuf said.”  Open up separate PM.

“Hey dude can you do me a favor and tell me what page Lasair name is on”

“You really need that book.”

“Yep I know it is on my wish list”

So after a bit of a conversation and digital pic of the book later.  Her surname was a bit easier, after all there was some browsing and compromise to work it just right, and she loved ‘an dunaidh’ right away.

Her device was easier to set up, she showed me something that she had been working on for her lord.  The device itself is a bit easy all together, and those are ones I like to work on the most, for they are want the client wishes, they are simple, and they are quick to put together.  The trick with these devices is that it’s also easy to run into conflict.  So far so good as it goes into work we shall see.

Lasair an Dunaidh I give you

“Sable, a frog tergaint argent, in chief a sun OR”

Lasair color

Ahhh the family grows yet again another member of the Oak, has decided to get her name and device through the works, now granted since this is written her original device had bounced for color on color, which I will admit I should of foresaw beforehand, however as many different things that we have to do and all the rules that we have to chew through, sometimes the easiest ones can just pass by, at that point I made a vow, put every device on the FB heraldry page, and baby heralds page, for the multiple eyes can help before the client send it out.

Name first, and I must say easy peazy.  First of all surname, done deal and archived, grab the same info as the last time done.  (Got to love it when that comes together) next stage is her given name, thank you for being you and doing the research herself.  Sent her the site to go start, she kicks back with a period spelling of her real name.  SWEET, how I enjoy those.

As far as her device is concerned, it was

Gules, a owl displayed argent in chief sable three crescents argent


All we did to make things easier is to make the line division in half to a per fess, and adding a bordure gives another point of difference just to play it safe, and look sharp as well.  So my fair oak, I am honoured to get your owl off the ground and start the journey.


Sarra an Doire

“”Per fess gules and sable, a owl displayed and in chief three crescents argent, all within a bordure argent”

Sarra an Doire color

Finally today is one I found a great giggle in making reality,  Nevel is one of the primary people in baconpalooza here at the Great Northeastern War.  And all the side comments her wished for his badge were right up that ally, I did a rough idea, posted it in the heraldry FB group and weeded out all the bacon proper comments lol I was able to see there was no conflicts nor issues we can see presented it to him and hopes all go well

Nevel Sudlow

“Argent, three barlets wavy palewise gules.”


till next time


Conall an Doire

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