The tale of the Rose, and the Clover

There are times with devices that I can see just by the conversation with the client, on what they are looking for, so the challenge for me becomes, looking for the right line division, if any, add the charges in the locations that they client is looking for, and add the color and case closed.  There are a few devices that are not so cut and dry.  For those I help the client try to see as I do and lead them toward a way that would be a combination of what they are looking for, and what I feel would be met with approval with The College of Heralds.

Both of these individuals I have known for a while and where it was a joy to get their documentation all in order.  At times I need to remember I am learning another language and a set of guidelines that are not too familiar with it.  So it’s not the manner of them not understanding so much on the way I am describing, however it is more so me reminding myself to play translator and see it from their point of view.

Both their names were either a cross of looking up them under any of the various English links in The Academy of St Gabriel.  The other part (usually their surnames) came from one source.  And this is a source that I would use as a stable in constructing a consultation table, or a traveling consultation kit.

Withycombe, E.G. Oxford A Dictionary of English Surnames

I sooo love this book.  For where there are many that would like to have English name, within the period that we play, chances are that this book is where I am going to find it.  As well as with it on the “no need to photocopy “list makes it more so whereas saves time and worry at many events.

There devices were a lot of work. And this is where I will go on about the process.

First of all for Ms. Steele:  She at first was looking for a quarterly (or a shield broken up in four parts) with a color and different charge in each quadrant.  Rule one for this would been the marshalling issue that I have become more and more familiar with as of late.  The issue becomes, each quadrant becomes a bit more complicated when you start looking into the colors and different charges and over all becomes harder and harder to pass.  How do you give what she is looking for and at the same time, make this somewhat a bit easier for the college to accept.

First started with the background; Instead of quarterly, take a page of her lord’s shield.  The both liked the colors red and white, so divide it at an angle top right to bottom left, make it red (gules) and then white (argent).  Now I know what you must be saying “Conall isn’t that going to make a conflict between the two?”

Under normal circumstances yes, if that was the only part of the device. Here is where the charges are going to come into play.

For Mr. Midnight what we did for him was take a tower make it Or (gold) place it on the red (Gules) section, and on the white (Argent) side, then place a four leaf clover.

For Ms. Steele we have the same colors and line divide however in this particular case we take a white (argent) rose and on the white (argent) section make a black (sable) cat.  On top of that fix a black (sable) bordure with a semi of acorns in white (argent) and between the charges, the border, the semi of acorns we get many ways to clear any conflict.

So I give to you

Rose Steele

Per bend sinister gules and argent, a rose slipped and leaved argent and a domestic cat rampant, a bordure sable semi of acorns argent.

rose color 2



Edward Midnight

Per bend sinister gules and argent, a tower Or and a four leaf clover vert

edwarde midnight color

What did I learn from this, what the client originally may not work, and if that is the case do not get discouraged, however act like that tour guide and guide your client into a way that works for them and the college at the same time.

As well as because you are a herald that is learning the rules, remember that you are on the other side of the table before and with that, remember you need to play translator in turning heraldieze into English so that they see things as you do and will never get frustrated in you because they do not understand exactly what you are talking about.

Till next time


Conall an Doire

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