The beginnings and the tales of Birna, Edward, Isabella, and Heather

So, it begins, about 6 months after training under to become deputy Herald, I found myself in a position to take over the job at the next elections.  To say I was nervous was an understatement to say the least.  Wondering on things that I was never told, how to promote heraldry for the local group, and being a good herald overall.

After  a good amount of emails, and face book messages about the status of people’s names, and / or device submissions, it started to dawn on me that too many this is really important to them.  Two sites became vital for me to keep the outstanding people informed on their progression.  First is the OSCAR, which is the Online System for Commentary and Response. (in the past was now is another for that was the Search Forms for the SCA Armorial (

(ok Rule number three when you help someone make a submission follow them all the way threw so they can see the process from their end)

With these two sites I am able track each submission i work on from beginning to end.

Now I must make a note that two things have changed from the time frame of any herald before me, and from when I took over.  First a major rules change, the standards heralds would use in the past were to use as a guidelines in their process had been reworked to The Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory (also known as the SENA ) (  and the other, in days past heralds were responsible for helping complete the form, collecting the money of the clients and send that and their paperwork to the Kingdom to start their journey, well not any more, we are to assist with the forms, print out what is needed, and then return the packages to the clients and instruct them on where to send the forms to.

Now to see there was some growing pains in getting the correct information down, is an understatement, and there were many forms that the kingdom level heralds I am sure where scratching their heads however that will be explained in greater details as these get posted.

Some of my work at that time frame include:

Birna Svensdotter:   birna svensdotter

First experiment into the Viking naming system.  The Viking Answer Lady ( was a valuable resource in constructing these.  All the information that I could name as far as names, documentation, patronymics system instead of surnames.  This particular client had done her research beforehand so this was completely simple.  Her device of red (gules) with a white band in chief, with a white bear rampant  with three sticks within the white band.  The story about this is basically “Do not poke the angry bear” in which we get a blazon (written description of the device ) ” Gules, a bear rampant on a chief argent three wooden staves bendwise sinister proper.”


Edward and Isabella de Bosco:  Edward de Bosco Isabella de Bosco

This was really easy to construct as the family in question did all their back ground work before hand.  an interesting story about Edward’s device.  One of his original designs was to have an Oak tree with three crescent moons in chief.  (mmmm that sounds way to familiar) so after showing him my device we worked on a rework, and came up with a pair that worked well for them Edward’s “Azure, a tree Or and on a chief embattled argent three Latin crosses flory sable.” and Isabella’s “Azure, a horse rampant and on a chief embattled argent, three shamrocks vert.”


Heather MacDowell:  heather mac dowell

This was the first person that wished to talk to me about being a deputy for me.  Her name was a good practice in tying her real name with a documented Scottish name.  Her device featured her favorite things at that time, of archery, oak leaves, and a quill to become “Vert, on a bend between a bow reversed and a quill pen bendwise argent, three oak leaves palewise azure.”

For now the beginnings are work, but the rewards of seeing my first projects completed are the big reward.


Yours in most wonderful services

Conall an Doire

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