The story of the badge verses the device

Wow two in one day? Who would of thought of that.

The reason for this entry is I wish to talk about the differences between a device and a badge.  (this should not take too long of your time)

A device is the way back in the time frame people use to go “oh look that is Lord [insert flashy name] over there by the tree I see his shield with two black lions combatting each other”

A badge is a way people use to “identify that this belongs to me.” A chest, tools, armor, would have a badge say “hey this belongs to me.” Alternatively, there would be households that would be formalized under a particular badge (remember the war of the roses?) yea there we had to different houses with two different badges in a grudge match.

In the SCA you are allowed to have multiple pieces of armory registered to you (see your local herald for more information)

Like I said short and sweet, however many times I have had this asked so I figure some quick explanation was a bit in order

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