To be a Herald

What does it take to be a Herald?

I have thought about this question a lot.  More and more I keep hearing the phrases “we just need a warm body”, or “any monkey can do this.”  All in all, this is true as it actually takes a certain level of skill sets that many people might find entertaining enough, or rewarding enough to learn.  It is not as sexy as heavy combat, nor Is it as flashy as say Rapier.  However, for those who are willing to learn, a Herald is just as important and needed as any other position in this great thing in our communities.

Now some may be wondering why that is?  Or what is it that a herald does that makes them special?  In my experience it is really nothing that makes a Herald unique except one thing.  A passion for the position.  A Herald will take to task what he or she needs to do for the office.  Regardless if it is name and device submissions, being vocal at courts, tourney list voice herald, or even the behind the scene keeping of honors and updating records that record our history, (which some may say a good Chronicler could take that part over) and you would be correct, however after seeing both positions, the news letters, and what not that person is entrusted with, yea trust me they tend to go no thank you on the OP.

Heralds come in all shapes and sizes.  We take to task many rather not, and we are steadfast in learning our craft as much as any heavy fighter, archer, fencer.  We work hard in front of crowds and behind the scenes, we are task with the important things that might seem to some trivial however does keep the game alive and well.

I am a Herald and I love my job

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