Personal Log 2016.342

With all things, the journey is first with the single most step.  This can not be more true when beginning to show yourself to your new community.  My question is where this is easy for some and so difficult for others.

I have lived with a feeling that everyone can bring a unique quality to the community, given time, energy, motivation.  Not everyone comes out of the gate in the same manner, and also not everyone is extroverted to the point of saying “look at me am i not great.”  quite honestly life would be bloody dull if that it was the case.

I have seen it myself where as it took longer for me to feel truly fit in the community i have around me.  I was not a skilled fighter so that never suited me, my arthritis always made fencing an unwise decision.  Archery was a good skill I have and just trying to keep at it.  And of course Heraldry has been my pride and joy.

Once you find your nitch, and start working toward that, i have seen that a person can be overlooked time and time again, for they are concentrating doing the best job they can, and yet stay in the background often.  With this things move smooth, there are seldom fires to be put out in these areas and you find overall many have good experiences in them.

Recently with my local community (and yes my local group is being refered to as my community for I see this more than a collection of cliques, however i see this as a hard-working community that with all our differences can come together) to recognize those that have done a lot for us and basically say “thank you”.  I am sure that alone is a step into a brighter future.  Will there be pot holes?  yes cause nothing in life is certain or perfect.  However one great person told me once “a good leader places their personal goals on hold for the sake of their community.”  This I plan on doing

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